Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Kitty Serenade

I have, over several posts, introduced the rest of the circus that is my family (hereherehere and here). What I never had a chance to elaborate on, was how one of the cats, who has been called several things including Saamiyaar (saint) and Poli Samiyaar (fake saint, I know that's a topic for a whole other post) has been trying his luck at getting the dogs to fall in love with him from the day they arrived.

The poor thing turned out to be a bit unlucky in love because while Diva decided outright that she will never cuddle up with no cat, Dufus was incurably nervous of Saamiyaar. Most of Samiyaar's attempts at winning Dufus's affections resulted in a comic and oft repeated Cat-chase-Dog routine around the house, which went something like this. Dufus would lie snoozing on his bed watching whatever dreams he tends to watch and WHAM! the little critter would go head-butt him right smack on the head. This invariably caused the utterly confused Dufus to jump up and run for his life, with the cat in hot pursuit, meowing all the way.

This would go on until the slightly slow-on-the-uptake Samiyaar would realize that all this meowing was probably depriving him of the all important advantage of stealth. As is his wont upon the sudden influx of thoughts into his head, Saamiyaar would plop down on his voluminous behind and ruminate on his options.

Meanwhile, the equally slow-on-the-uptake Dufus, would conclude that he had shaken off his persistent feline predator and settle down to nap. Just as if by some cosmic telepathy, Samiyaar's brain would reset at precisely the same moment and his quest for Dufus will begin anew. As if his memory was completely washed clean, the cat would start his chase again, meowing all the way to where his unerring sense of smell would take him.

This cat-chase-dog cycle would start all over again, taking the pair all over the house like some love struck couple serenading in a good old, late 60's, Bollywood movie. And just like in those song sequences, only the heroine (in this case Dufus) would not be able to guess the direction from which the hero can spring up next!  This song and dance sequence would continue until Samiyaar just gave up in sheer exhaustion or completely forgot that he was in pursuit of his soulmate and landed up cuddling with one of the lowly humans! (Hmm.. like the vamps in those movies?!!)

Again, just like in those movies, everyone but the lead couple knew that these two made-for-each-others would eventually get together.

Tonight it happend. The heroine relented. Like the 60's heroine throwing off her head scarf or duppattah and running up to the waiting hero's arms, our Dufus threw all caution to the winds and plonked right on top of a dozing Saamiyaar! I was too slow with the trigger to capture the priceless expression on Saamiyaar's face. But here's what he did as soon as he realized who he had just managed to conquer!
Coming soon to a theatre near you, in full Eastman Color: Kitty gets Doggie!
And the happy couple snoozed off into sunset, holding hands! Awwwww!
If this isn't an awww moment, I don't know what is!

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sunanda said...

Just came back for a re-read :) Love it!

Magicrna said...

lou at the puppppppy's paw...and by puppy I ofcourse mean frodo :D

varsha said...

oh lord god ! haven't laughed so much recently : What a circus they are ! My male cat was the touch me not hoity toity one and would be serenaded by a squeaking Lolo ,my black female Lab .
Only to get hissed and bitten .
Till winters came and cat realized that dog bellies are very cosy nooks.
You shd make videos of this pair.I wd die laughing watching them.

Agnija Bharathi said...

Hee....Poor Lolo! Yeah, I should get me one of those video cameras....