In the drama of life, the actors fall into two separate, yet equally important groups: the critters that call the shots and the humans that document them. These are their stories. DanDan! (with appologies to Dick Wolf and his Law & Order syndicate)

The cast of my particular play consists of two humans, two canines and 2.5 felines ( They go by various names:

Human 1: I, Me, Myself, Mois, TaillessTwoLegged
Human 2: DH, TaillessTwoLegged

Cat 1: Walrus Moustache (WaMu), Dr. WaMu, Resident Hydrologist, Puppy-Cat.
Cat 2: Newbie, the Buddha, Samiyaar, Poli Samiyaar, Gundu.
Dog 1: Diva, Lady of the Lamp, Lady of the House.
Dog 2: Dufus, Bozon, Clownoid, Bulldozer. 
Cat 2.5: Dances with the Dogs but Freaks out at the Humans (DDFH).

Apart from these names, other names have been made up and will be made up on a continuing basis. Once we reach a 1000, we are planning on releasing a Sahasranamam thumb drive for each one of them for only $2.99 + Shipping and Handling OR $1.99 + no Shipping and Handling for electronic downloads.

If you missed the link the first time around: Here are their stories again.