Saturday, 13 October 2012

Growing Grass for your Golu

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What kid does not want a park in their golu? Or a zoo? Or a cricket pitch? Every year, as a kid I used to fight for my rights to free space. In the context of golu of course, this would be a park, zoo, cricket pitch or all of the above.

When we were kids we used to use either whole moong ( or mustard seeds ( soaked in water and then sowed in a shallow pan of soil. Water it lightly regularly and you will have a glorious patch of turf for your golu needs. In Chennai, these things did not take long to grow and was the best quick fix solution. In the cooler climes of north america, though, it might take a little longer to grow these.

However, there are other options for the North American golu aficionado.

  1. Moong or Mustard seeds: just as described above
  2. Actual grass seeds: available, usually at the start of the Fall season at any garden or big box stores. Read germination time instructions and sow in doors in a large shallow potting dish (punch holes in the bottom for adequate drainage). Usually germination times are about 2 weeks. Remember  you need them to be a little taller than new seedlings, so give ample time.
  3. Onions/ Garlic: Bare root onions/garlic are often available around this time of the year. They can be sown in a pot and are fairly quick to "show their green". They tend to be slightly thicker than what you would call grass, but on the flip side, you could potentially get a harvest out of it later.
  4. Cat grass: If you are in a pinch and have forgotten to sow anything in time, these things can come in handyAny pet store carries them practically year round. Looks like grass: here are some pics for you of this thing: google images for cat grass. You may even find it in the pet aisle in grocery stores.
If you use any of these tips to create your patch of green for golu, I would love to hear from you. 

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