Friday, 23 March 2012

Garden Updates

What seems like an early start to spring just means that things that are not normally blooming at this time of the year have already started to bloom.

The magnolia is already beginning to shed its flowers
But I did manage to snap up a few pics before its all gone
Not bad for a phone camera huh?
The hyacinths have been in bloom for a bit now. In fact they were the first ones to make an appearance. Nothing like these happy white faces to cheer you up. 
I even had one planted right by the front door and I remember being so surprised when I saw it bloom.

I like this for its clean simplicity
I brought more of the other guys in as well and added some pebbles in the vase so the petals wont touch the water

Not quite as pristine as the first one, but the fragrance more than makes up for it

I think aesthetically, some black and white pebbles and those white flowers only would have looked a lot more striking.

Meanwhile on the seedling front, the methis (fenugreeks) were all ready for a transplant. 

9 green methis, happy in a pot! One green methi accidentally flops!
The thyme surprised me with the speed with which they have germinated. No real leaves yet, though

The little army of thymes!
The basil is making larger and larger cotyledonous leaves but no true leaves yet.
Basil in the plastic egg carton
Samiyaar and his pet (yes, he has a pet) watch all this action from the comfort of their favorite ring side seat!

And the over wintering elephant ears are begging to join the party!
Can we please, please go out too?
But I am not sure that there wont be a surprise winter storm, so I am not letting them out yet!

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