Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The First Seedlings of Spring are Here!

Or in other words: Yay!!!

Even before a week was fully over, my kitchen garden (see here for how I started it not even a week ago) was off to a good start. The methi (fenugreek, vendhayam) seeds seem to be only too eager to poke its head out. More so than even me, whooda thunk that!

And this one is so hyped up, it's even got a hat on, for the party!

Where are the coriander (cilantro, kothamalli)?

The basil seeds just look bluish and plump and rather cute-ish in that time. Blogger for some reason wasn't "seeing" my photos from the phone. Now, there are teeny little white thingies from the basil seeds, so I am guessing they are a success too.

Of course, this means, one has to sow more seeds. So, in went the lupines and the thyme. I hope my thyme blooms, because that is the main reason I am buying them. The lupines typically don't flower in the first year, however, they have the cutest set of leaves and are not eaten by the groundhog!

This year I also bought black-eyed susan, cat mint and blue fescue. When I went to store these seeds until I get the chance to plant them, I discovered identical packets of seeds from 2009. And a lot of other seeds that I apparently never had the chance to plant!! Oh well! Turns out that although black-eyed susans are deer resistant they are groundhog candy!! Sigh!!

Can't wait until I clear out the "feet" of the birch and till that soil a bit. If I get around to doing that I plan on direct sowing the blue fescue..

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!

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