Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dufus -- A Scientific Treatise on a Bozon.

Dufus, simply put, is a Bozon. A Bozon, is an elementary clown particle and can be expressed by the following equation:
Bozon = Bozo (the clown) + ... "on".
If you add an "on" at the end of a word it becomes an elementary particle. Like electron, proton, Boson (= Bose + on, because Bose found it), ....

Although it bears a very similar name to Boron, the two are completely different. Because,
Boron = Boring + Moron. 
Which, as you can see, is a completely different thing than a Bozon, although it is an elementary particle in itself. Oh and of course, I hope you did not confuse it with Boron the element, which is not an elementary particle. See the difference?

So Dufus's behavioral traits all spring from one elemental truth about him. Which is, of course, the Bozonishness of him. A Bozon exists in three states: the highly excited, the steady state and the highly excited negative state. We will discuss mainly about the first two states here, since the third state is out of the scope of his post.

A Bozon in a steady state looks very docile and behaves like an amoeba -- as if (s)he has no skeleton. In the case of Dufus, the look resembles that of a highly contented goat or sheep. 

Bozon in steady state
A Bozon in the highly excited state is a whole other ball game. A Bozon in the highly excited state has very high kinetic energy making it nearly impossible to photographically chronicle this state. Some images of a Bozon in a quasi-highly excited state have been acquired and will be put up on this page at a later date. The state transition from steady state to highly excited can happen in nanoseconds which often leads to spilled human food, bushy tail in human mouth, flying forks/spoons, one canine foot (some times more) on human stomach and one almighty shriek (usually from the human). 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Black Cat

Writers' island prompt on superstition.

The Black Cat

Silky soft and inking death
on folds of a witch's skirt.
Harbinger of evil,
yellow eyes flashing
premonition of doom.
Stop and turn back
When he crosses your path,
Lest you lose the gamble of life.

Black satin ribbons
criss-crossing the land
Harbinger of yellow
flashing eyes
roaring down, spelling death.
Stay off the black ribbons!
I lost my brother to it,
crossing the black ribbon.
He wasn't black,
they didn't stop.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Today's Harvest -- Photographically Speaking

I noticed that there is nothing going on in my garden in May other than azaleas and rhodys. May be by next year I will find something to remedy this situation. Meanwhile here are a few photos of what's going on in my garden.

The bed in the front yard is doing ok, although the large ever green (juniper?) needs some pruning and my pruning shear got stuck yesterday in the "close" position! Oh well! The grass needs mowing and probably freshening up a little.

The irises haven't been eaten down to the ground!
On the positive side, the irises have not been eaten to the ground in my front yard and seem to at least have a few buds going. The day-lilies that I bought this year seem to be taking off ok. the lavenders that I transplanted from a raised bed that I am restructuring seem to be doing ok as well.

up close and personal -- rhody 

The rhodys are reliable and going strong. I do need to tighten my snaps better. The lens did not let me get closer than this.

Purple Smoke tree that has never once smoked!

This purple smoke tree is better photographed in the sun. For some reason it has never smoked. Not once. It did make buds one year and looked like it would get all smoky, but for some reason those "buds" wilted. This was a few years ago and I never got to see even those buds again!

Who are these guys? 
Walking around my house, trying to photograph everything that looked remotely interesting, I came across these guys. Don't know what they are, but they look nice, up close. Not much of a statement from afar.

But they sure look beautiful with the raindrops dripping from them!

row of burning bushes
These burning bushes were bought for the front yard. They never had a chance there with the deer eating them to the bones. So I planted them in a row in the backyard. They have grown really well, but despite being planted in a sunny spot, they don't seem to burn all that much. They just manage to blush a little in the fall.

a world in a drop

Speaking of rain, it does make everything look so beautiful and fresh! Here is the closest I could get to a raindrop on a hosta leaf.

more of the rain soaked rhody
And here is the final snap of the day -- one more shot of a rain soaked rhody.

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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Beggar Man -- Revisited

The Story of the Post: The original poem was written in 1991. Following a Big Tent prompt, I revised it. The original is here.

The Beggar Man -- Revisited

The dusty road meandered
past old worn out, dried trees.
An empty tin can rattled;
the only coin in it seeking company,
like any other lost soul.
Lost in the darkness of a void.
A void so unfathomable and frightening.

A pair of feet passed by.
He sat there, still,
very still;
the wizened old man with
pain dulled eyes
staring unseeingly into
little clouds of dust raised by feet.
Feet scurrying to and from 

The tin can picked up courage,
voiced its complaint.
Still more feet.
Denser cloud.

Courage turned to boldness.
Drawing forth a louder protest
from the very core of its essence.
The listless eyes in the wrinkled face,
focused with difficulty on the legs.
Legs busy.
Legs uncaring.
Legs unfeeling.

The can now pleaded.
Pleaded piteously.
The man's voice reinforced the plea.
Not with a word,
Not with a cry -
but a mere, almost inaudible grunt.
Old worn out hands
Shaded the now pleading eyes,
as the upturned face caught the full
wrath of the morning sun.

Feet. More feet.
Now rushing, almost at a run.
One trod on his stick.
From somewhere above a
hurriedly flung apology
was lost in the crowd's hurry
and the man's senile reflex.

The tin cried now. Openly.
Feet flew past.
Clouds thickened.
The eyes blinked.
And then it all subsided.

The final cry, waning slowly
into a small "clink".
The clouds settled.
No more feet.
A whimper from the disappointed throat.
The eyes again unfocused.

The dusty road meandered
past old, worn out,
exhausted trees.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Garden now

Yay! The Azaleas are here!

Azaleas nestling in the woods

I think these guys are viburnums. They smell heavenly!
Viburnum? Fragrant!
I am already too late to catch the burgundies of the Japanese Maple. But here are a few leaves:
Japanese Maple

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That which should have been posted a few weeks back, but wasn't

Here are some pics of what my garden looked like a few weeks ago. Things have already changed so much now!
Magnolia in full bloom
Magnolia close-up

mystery flowers
Tulip and the Sun