Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Organizing the Kitchen -- An IKEA hack

I guess I am really sick of all the lack of organization in my home in general. So, I am on a mission to use as much of my wall space as is possible for my storage needs. This is how it looks like now:

There was this little corner in the kitchen where I used to have a corner planter-shelf thing where I stored my onions, garlic, banana and such like. That did not last long because I started to buy more stuff than that plant stand could take and besides, when Dufus got nervous, the plant stand migrated to the center of the room and the onions were usually rolling around on the floor by the time I got back from work!

So the plant stand was replaced by a side table that was far too big for its intended spot. I lived with that for a really long time, for only one reason, Dufus could not get stuff out of it. It was awkward and taking up too much space and it really had to change. Finally the time for change came tonight!

I used IKEA fintorp series of rods and hooks and then their napkin holders to hold my garlic and oranges. Their Bygel series of rods and hooks were on sale, but I wanted something that looked nicer than the Bygel, so I went with Fintorp. I did use some Bygel hooks to adapt the fintorp hooks to the Bygel basket for my yam (or is it sweet potato?). The remaining (empty) fintorp hooks will serve as a banana holder when I do have some banana to hang!!

The Bygel hook also came in handy to hang one of the two over sized cumbersome pots on this system.

I also bought the Fintorp dish rack to use as my onion holder, but I found that this had to be directly mounted on the wall. So this is where it went

The painting was bought on my trip to South Africa two years ago from people living in a project. The canvas was a bit dirty and it did not come with any framing. But, I loved the simplicity of the strokes in the painting and so just had to buy it. I made the "frame" for that painting using some satin ribbon, fabric spray on glue and PVC piping. I will post a how to on it sometime later.

Here are some more views of my latest pride and joy!! :)

Now that empty wall over the rods looks rather bare doesn't it? Well, I have something up my sleeve for that space!

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varsha said...

neat !!
and beautiful too !!

poor Dufus though - what will he play with now ?

Agnija Bharathi said...

He still has his water bowl that he empties onto the floor!