Thursday, 7 July 2011

Halloween 2011 -- The build begins

Finally, finally, finally, I have gotten around to building my props for this years' Halloween. The plan was to make several pumpkins, but as usual, I got side tracked into beginning a skull, from which I again got side tracked to building a torso. I hope I actually stick to the goal of building the skeletal torso!

For inspiration, I go to Scott Stoll's excellent site: from where I learnt everything I now know about papier mache! 

Basic template of rib-cage from pizza box
Guess where these will go

1 of these
I will be using about 6 or so of these

Hopefully later today I can begin to build the armature.

And just when I thought I had my act together, I realize that my half built skull has gone missing. Now where did that thing go?! You can never trust dark creatures. Never.

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shail said...

So what did you make eventually?? Did you find the skull?? :D

Agnija said...

@Shail: still making.. it will be a long and piece-meal project... At present I am time sharing between a pumpkin and the torso. Still can't find that sneaky skull, though!