Monday, 13 May 2013

Upcycled Face Lotion Bottle to Reed Dispenser/Vase

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I had a used bottle of AVEDA face lotion that I could never bring myself to throw away because of how beautiful and solid it looked. So I converted it to a fragrance reed dispenser, using some paint and masking tape!

The original bottle

I used Martha Stewart's silver liquid gilding paint and a "foam popsicle".

Clean up for this paint is by using xylene. Which I do not have. So, I decided that I will not risk a fine bristled brush on this job until I acquire some xylene!!

And the finished product:

The edges did not come out quite that sharp. May be next time I will get frog tape instead of painters tape.

And oh, yes, I lied a little. It's not quite finished. This is how far I got before I had to stop last year.

I think I will finish it up sometime this year. If you look closely you can see the lettering still kinda visible under the silver paint. May be I will fix that too. Or may be I wont bother.

Who says you only have to use it as a reed dispenser? You can also use it to display your awesome flowers:

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