Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bleep Happens

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Bleep, as the wise would say, happens. It happens with unfailing regularity. Sometimes it seems to be the only thing happening. All around you. Yeah, yeah, the Internet and the Social Media sites glow every now and again with impossibly photoshopped images of luminous butterflies alighting ever so gently on burn-your-cornea-neon green lawns with computer generated cursive writing proclaiming inane things like ``When one door shuts, another opens".

Phbbt! Like Hell!

No it don't. And that is the truth of it. Bleep happens, no matter what amount of Febreeze you want to spray on it. What whitewash you want to plaster on it. In the end, there is only one truth: Bleep.

Bleep. doth. happen!

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1 comment:

Agnija Bharathi said...

Well... yes and no.. No because it is not a situation that I can help. Yes, because I have decided to change my attitude about it! :)