Saturday, 11 May 2013

And Now it's the Lilac's Turn

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Despite being cleaved straight down the middle by Sandy, this tree is still going strong!

The stuff at the foot of the tree is for another post. So, check back often! :)

Meanwhile, just enjoy the richness of these beauties!

And oh! the scent!

Up close and personal!

And then, on the very same tree, the left hand side branches were carrying this variegated version of the flower!

I couldn't help but bring some in. I know they wont last long. But, I couldn't help myself.

And here is some scientific stuff on the mysterious Ms Lilac and how to try to prolong the bouquet.

Oh and that vase. Ah well... that is another post altogether!

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Joe Zach said...

That first picture is lovely.

Congratulations on being listed in the Directory of best Indian blogs of the year.

Agnija Bharathi said...

Thanks for stopping by! It is indeed an honor to be listed in the directory.

Friv2G said...

ohaaaa. very nice. thanks