Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Random rant.

On somedays all I want to do is take a really good book, preferably hard bound and huge -- like say the Mahabharata or something and then lob it real hard at life. The trouble, I find, is that while metaphors like this are so satisfying to visualize, they are of no use. I am unable to pin life down to any one physical form.

Today is one such day, where I wish I could concretize life to one object and then lob things at it. I just wish I did not have to be so many things to so many people and have so much to do. But then again, if wishes were horses.

Minor irritant number one: I am sick again and can't seem to drum up enthusiasm for anything.
Minor irritant number two: I almost made up my mind to hire some one to do something on the house. A large scale thing. Turns out that although they claimed to be Better Business Bureau certified, I can't seem to find them on the BBB listings. A seed of doubt has been sown and I can't seem to sleep! Now that means, the screening, interviewing and everything has to start all over again! But more importantly, it means I am still gullible.
Minor irritant number two point oh one: I discovered today that they guy we hired to do some electrical work and who had apparently praised my halloween sculptures a lot to my husband has, in deed, broken my ground breaker!
Minor irritant number three: I bought too much stuff for the yard that needs to be done. I am nervous that I may let things slip by one more year.
Not so minor irritant number four: Dad is not doing all that well and I am nervous about how my Mom is going to manage alone.
Slightly major irritant number five: I have two major deadlines and a conference coming up.
Slightly major irritant number six: I am losing steam on workouts -- actually have no interest it seems which is more important than just not making it to workouts. Apparently I prefer to procrastinate like I am doing now!

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