Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Garden Acquisitions

So this year I went a little crazy buying new plants. The list is somewhat like this:

  1. Agastache: 6 (deer resistant -- yippee doo!)
  2. Canna Lilies, chocolate sunrise(don't they really come up with delectable names for these things?): 10 
  3. Asiatic lilies: 3 (rolls eyes at her own obsession with these things. I thought they were going to be stargazer lilies like the ones I had previously and which died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. Those smelled heavenly. These ones though, seem to be more like the common asiatic lily that are not really fragrant.
  4. Red hot pokers: 5. 
  5. Clematis, red, 4.
  6. Lily of the valley: to fill out and hopefully crowd out the english ivy that is choking the life out of my cherry tree in the back yard. I have huge plans for that area, where I hope to finally tame the jumanji-esque growth of tough weeds that really choke everything else out there.  
  7. Elephant ear -- black metallic leaves: 1
  8. Elephant ear -- just black!
  9. Gaucamole Hostas
  10. Astilbe: pink and darker shade of pink 
  11. Phlox (blue assorted, says the box)
  12. Azalea (like I don't have enough already!)
  13. Caladium: which I had the good sense to start indoors towards the end of the non-winter of last year.
  14. Huchera
  15. Huchera: 
  16. Camelia
  17. Bleeding hearts

So how far have I got with all this, you ask?
I have potted all the chocolate sunrises, seeing as they are only annuals, they need a head start if they are to even produce one of two flowers before they will have to be brought in for the cold weather.
So, this is how they look now:

Two of them even got a pretty pot!

Can't wait for them to produce their chocolate first and then their sunrise -- if we get that far this season.

I dutifully planted the red hot pokers symmetrically in my front garden bed, but they are not showing any signs of life at all. I will be disappointed if they don't show up.

One elephant ear is looking good. By which I mean, it has stuck its head out

The astilbe's are in the ground and look as if something might happen there. Although, they are not yet visible to the camera's eye!

The huchera, I am seriously worried about. In fact, I was not even sure if I was planting it root side down! Oh well....

The asiatic lilies are doing good and one of them already wants to make a flower!
Eager-beaver lily!

The Caladium which I had already started in the pot, is looking all happy

When I got to this point in the post, I realized that it is probably much more important to put the rest of the plants in something resembling soil, even if the beds are not ready, so that they don't rot in their plastic cages (bags). So, I salvaged as many pots as I could and dug out as much soil as I could remove from the pile of mulch which became soil before I got around to using it and assembly-lined my plants. Every thing except the lily of the valley and the agastache are now safely in  pots! They are all standing like little toy soldiers in the back yard waiting to grow up.

The lily of the valley will have to wait until I clear out the cherry tree area which looks like this now:

Formidable, if you ask me!

And here is that pesky ivy climbing up the cherry tree around the back where I have not yet got to!

And here is that other, horrid, insidious creepy weed that's everywhere in my yard.

And here is a shot of how it is slowly killing the tulip tree!

But getting back to the list. Sixteen plants!! Really? What the hell got into me?!
Somebody please physically stop me from doing anything like this next year!

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varsha said...

you have a nice patch of wilderness :) The dogs must love it.
I think your plants will need safe pots to thrive in .

Agnija Bharathi said...

The cats love it more since they can hide in the shrubs and pretend to be Bandhavagadh ka Rajas!