Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Bambi goes Bananas!

My yard is under constant attack by several critters: hares/rabbits,
White tailed bunny
deer, groundhogs, woodchucks (which is another name for groundhogs) and whistle pigs (which is also another name for groundhogs). When I started my garden here, deer were the biggest Eaters of Everything. I learnt very soon that roses and hostas were deer candy. So I fenced the backyard in to keep the dogs in and the deer out and moved the hostas and roses inside.

The day after I returned from my recent trip to India I transplanted some bushes from my raised garden by the front door to the main front garden, wondering why it was that I had not done this earlier. The next day, this is what I found:

uprooted plants
Something had uprooted these plants in its feeding frenzy. The culprit had left enough unmistakable foot prints for me to see:

guess who came to dinner?
I also noticed that the lilies that had grown to a nice height had also been lopped off at the top. Deer love tender vegetation and apparently these asiatic lilies are also deer candy! I had saved most of them last year by bringing them into my backyard, but some bulbs seem to have escaped me.

Deer pruned lilies
That evening I transplanted these guys to a pot to recover from the injury and left them in the back yard until such time as a bed is readied for them!!!

This morning when I went on a regular trip around the front yard and noticed this:
daylilies: chomped down to a nub!


They did it last year, and I thought it was because they were too hungry from the crazy winter. This year, they had let the things go until now. Apparently, day-lilies are not safe either. So, I will have to relocate all of these guys -- that would be 6 more plants for which I have no soil!

But there is some good news in the yarden.  The lilies I saved from Bambi last year are flowering pretty
asiatic lilies
And the red hot pokers that I thought were gone for good are actually poking out. Take a look at the chocolate sunrise, which is, well, rising.
Chocolate Sunrise Unfurling
And there is always the bowl of peonies to keep me happy

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