Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Heavy push -- workout


Warm up : 4.5 mins on the elliptical + 28 lb ass to grass (ATG) squats
Squats: 78lbs, 8*3 (can increase weight, only felt something in the third set, 7th or 8th push)
Single arm dumbbell chest press: 20 lbs, 8*3 (this was tough work, esply since I could feel my midsection working hard to keep the balance -- good one!)
Dips: 8*3. Perhaps ready for the feet elevated version?
Military press: 25lbs bar, 8*3. The last couple of reps in each set was a bit of work, so tried 35lbs for the last set. Managed 4, but the elbows did flare out. I think I did have too narrow a grip on this one.. Hmm...
Push ups: today was just not a floor push up day. Had terrible ROM, so changed to push up from an elevated bench.
Obliques (V-seated twists) with 5Kg medicine ball: 7*3 (each side).

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varshaa said...

Great work ! ATG loaded squats Rock and make me eat like a hungry Hippo :)