Wednesday, 23 November 2011

My work out today -- bit of an anti-climax

For a long time now, I have been thinking of trying split workouts rather than full body 3 days, 1 hour each. Today I finally had some time to work out and was so excited to try one out. Like a kid in a carnival, I was all so antsy last night.

I am trying to do the heavy/light push/pull split instead of the traditional body part split, because I do believe in working the body holistically instead of part by part. One example of such a workout is in Krista's page (the routine 2):

I used Varsha Tiwary's ( idea from her comments on my earlier post on workouts.

Today was my heavy pull day (well sort of):

Deadlifts: 55lbs 3*8
Romanian DLs: 55lbs, 3*8
Bent over rows: 45lbs: 3*8
Hanging leg lifts (knees bent) 6,6,6

It was done in 15 minutes! I did not even need much rest in between (definitely no 1 minute rests for sure!). Did not feel like work at all, so I skipped the cooling off as well. Obviously the weights were too low! At the end of it I felt like I could still lift a whole lot more. The only thing that was uncomfortable was my hand when I was doing the hanging leg lifts. Calluses were forming right there as I hung from the bar. Perhaps I need a better padded glove, because although I have enough fat in the body, my feet, hands, elbows and knees are skeletal in their paucity of the much needed padding material. But the hanging leg raises are an interesting challenge. I think I will enjoy those the most in the upcoming heavy pull days!

I think next time, I will try increasing the weight by about 20 lbs more for the DLs and perhaps 5 or 10 more for the rows. (PS: two pesarattus and a glass of milk is too much for this workout! Giggle!)

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varsha said...

Isn't it most awesome fun ?? Keep going !!

varsha said...

I love my callouses :) just saying.

Agnija Bharathi said...

hahah! Me, I don't like no calluses.. not fun! :)