Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ad nauseam -- NaPoWriMo 8

This is in response to the Big Tent Poetry prompt for this week -- a poem about repeating myself. The third stanza was inspired by the Wiki article on immiscible metals. This also works for the Poetic Asides prompt "Like (blank)".

ad nauseam
Like Water on Lotus Leaves

Like water on lotus leaves,
my voice curls up and rolls off the surface of your ears.
Walls swallow up my refrain, imbibing the hurt silently,
The hollowness inside echoes in the foundations.

Like liquid mercury,
my words roll off you and disappear forever.
Too insubstantial for your attention or your grasp.
The poison invades the insides of our world.

Like immiscible metals, we cannot alloy.
We freeze and separate into layers.

How many more times, before I am finally heard?
How much worse, before it gets better?

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Little Miss Sunshine said...

I really love this. Very beautifully written. Hang in there :)

Gloria said...

This is beautiful in its brilliance!

Agnija said...

Thanks Sunshine and Gloria!

Mr. Walker said...

This is well done, from liquid water to liquid mercury, to metals which must be melted and liquid to be made into alloys - such a strong progress of metaphors to convey your meaning. My favorite line: "Too insubstantial for your attention or your grasp."

varsha said...

the pain of not being heard is well brought out.Love your metaphors.

Maggie said...

Beautifully written.

Agnija said...

Thanks Mr. Walker, Varsha and Thingy.

Kelly said...

Wonderful - especially the opening lines. You've really captured the pain and frustration of not being heard.