Sunday, 10 April 2011

3:00 AM -- NaPoWriMo # 5

This is in response to two prompts. One from Poetic Asides to write about a time in the day and the other to write about writing a poem. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the place where I found the second prompt! If anyone knows, please do leave a comment, so I can properly thank the prompter! This poem describes the creative process as it once was to me!

NaPoWriMo 5 --- 3:00AM

It's 3:00 AM and I am wide awake
Listening to the loud rumblings in my head
The wispy word clouds of the day listlessly buffeted
around by the winds of the conscious mind
have bided their time
and using the stillness of the night
have formed dark, heavy nimbus clouds
ready to pour their bounty out.

Circling around each other,
Dragging their oppressive weight.
Electrically charged synapses,
Snapping and crackling at each other.
Shallow-breathed and bunched up shoulders, I wait for it.

First a bright flash
Illuminating every corner of the mind.
Then the thunderclap
And then the sheets and sheets of rain
The fragrance of freshly drenched Earth
Wafts up, releasing a misty warmth.
The parched Earth is quenched
The page is written.

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Judy Roney said...

What a great poem and I can see that huge storm brewing. The photo is a perfect accompaniment to the scene you paint with your words. I love the surprise ending and identify with the poem more after that. Bravo!

Agnija said...

Thank you, Judy! I had fun writing this one. Almost felt like old times! :)

partha said...

You seem to have used a modification of the Ulpreksha Alankaaram of Sanskrit and derived languages. Also it reminds me of Kamban's frustrated exclamation "Pozhuthu vidinthathe amba" and the Goddes's counter " ezhuthi mudinthathe Kamba". Nice poem. The rain merges into the poem; unlike in Ulpreksha where only a doubt (aasanka) is expessed. " Varnyamaam onnine nannay varnippan athupolithennu varnyathilaasanka ulprekshyakhyam alankithi."

varsha said...

love this metaphor of creativity !
"मुरझा न जाए तस्सवुर (imagination ) मेरा ,
जादू के उन लफ़्ज़ों की बरसात करो."

Agnija said...

@Partha: Have not thought about uthpraeksha alankar in so many years. Thanks for reminding me of it.
@Varsha: Thank you. These your own words? They are lovely.