Saturday, 13 September 2014

Broken IKEA Mirror -- Part 1

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Remember Dufus? No? Click here. Well, he broke an IKEA KRABB mirror.
C(K)raap(bb) maan!
So, it sat in several closets for a really long time while I kept thinking about what to do with it. Finally I came across this amazing artist's work. Paul Bozzo makes awesome textured paintings and you can see his work here: His work inspired me to create this with one half of the broken mirror.

I glued the mirror onto a 1/2" thick piece of plywood.

I played with the positioning of the mirror until I was happy.

The textured painting part was created using the techniques used by Paul Bozzo.

Poli Saamiyaar, however, decided that he would have to sign this piece and claim it as his!!!

Sorry about the poor quality pictures!

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