Thursday, 9 August 2012

King's Nephew Swapped at Birth!

In a bizzarre turn of events this morning, King Kamsa's routine assassination of his beloved sister's new borns, hit a glitch. The child flew out of the King's grasp just as his Royal Highness was about to smash him down on the rock dedicated to this sole purpose. To add further confusion to the already brewing chaos, the child flew upwards in clear violation of Newtonian Physics (who was not yet born and therefore whose laws perhaps did not apply) and revealed that indeed, she was a she and not a he!

An enraged King is reported to have uttered words of violence and retaliation which was met with an amused laughter from the child who proceeded to violate temporal laws of biology and grew up in fast-forward into an eight armed Goddess right before the milling crowd's staring eyes. Introducing Herself calmly to the stupefied onlookers as Maya, the Goddess of make believe, she answered the unarticulated question on the stunned King's gaping mouth and the minds of every soul in the mob. Maya said that little Krishna, the eighth child and therefore the one that was destined to kill Kamsa was alive and well and growing up in secret, thank-you-very-much. She clarified that the babies (i.e herself and little Krishna) were swapped immediately after birth by Vasudevan, the incarcerated brother-in-law of King Kamsa. Before she could be captured for further interrogation, Maya vanished, firmly nailing the final "a" in "Maya"!

The police artist's are rendering a sculpture of what might have transpired based on eye witness reports, general guess work and a great deal of imagination. They were supposed to be done by today, but have asked for a deadline extension until Navarathri, citing their usual reasons of underpay and over work.

Meanwhile a rebel group is reported to have wished everyone a "Happy Janmashtami".

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varsha said...

State wide Search warrants have been launched to hunt the kidnappers of the egregious infant.

Agnija Bharathi said...

Good one!