Thursday, 16 August 2012

Old Trivet = New Key Organizer

This has got to be the fastest, easiest, smallest project I have ever done.

My entry way had a key organizer that looked like this:
Anyone who was married in the south of India has some version of this. In fact, I bet they have a million copies of some version of this. The clock stopped working perhaps the very first day we opened the package. But, it served its purpose for while until, as always, the number of keys that needed a home far out numbered the hooks on this thing.

Enter an old trivet from IKEA that I saved from the dumpster several times over.
I cleaned the thing, removed the hooks from the old key organizer and screwed them on to the old trivet and voila! I have something that is much more Zen.

I used to old nail that held up the old key organizer to hang this thing. I used the same nail to also hang one bunch of keys. There is easily room for three more hooks on this thing.

After I fixed all the hooks I realized that I wanted the pieces of wood to go horizontal -- that's more Zen to me than vertical stripes. Oh well! I will just have to find the other trivet and hang it horizontally!

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varsha said...

yes I vote for horizontal !!

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