Saturday, 28 July 2012

Three Wise Pumpkins -- Part 1

The three wise pumpkins set out on a journey around the world. Little did they realize that this journey would mark them forever.

The first wise pumpkin, Mr. Speaknot Evil, started as a humble balloon with his features not yet formed.

He sat thusly for two years, preparing for his journey in a dark and dingy basement. Sitting alone in the basement gave him a big case of depression. Several therapy sessions later, he went on meds. Since this is magical halloween land, the meds don't work on the patient. The meds work on themselves to cure the patient. And so it was that Mr. Speaknot Evil's meds started to sprout some fins around the edges.

 And one day, when Mr. Speaknot Evil was deep asleep, the meds attached themselves to his head. With hot glue.

Mr. Evil's therapy had well and truly begun. 

The surprised pumpkin's mouth froze in a permanent expression of shock

His eyes grew wide in horror and looked a bit like it would pop right off!

His ears twitched! And moved a few inches.

(To be continued....)

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varsha said...

omg !! its so mean to sign off at the critical juncture : waiting for Mr Speaknot's makeover !!

Agnija Bharathi said...

Haha! Patience... patience! :)