Monday, 16 July 2012

Patio Paver Planter

Sunday was a day to finally work on building my patio paver planter. I love contemporary furniture and garden decor and was initially planning on building a large planter from concrete for my front yard. My only problem was building the form for this thing. I was procrastinating because of the effort involved.

Then I came across this site:
Wow! Neat idea. I decided I would build myself a couple of these.
The only thing I did different was to use 16"x16" pavers squares.

I would add the following:

1. It is vitally important to find a perfectly flat surface on which to make your planter, otherwise, things just don't line up right.

1 a. So, when you don't have things lining up, you need something to force the ends to touch each other. Either a clamp mechanism or an improvised clamp mechanism. I just improvised

2. I used some pebbles as spacers when I was trying to attach the bottom for the second planter.

3. Next time, I think I would use very thin strips of wood as spacers when attaching the bottom to the rest of the planter, because these pebbles weren't even and so did not really help much. I landed up having to move them out.

4. This could also be used as a bottom less planter if you want to put it directly on the soil in the garden to create some vertical interest while still having a mostly seamless look

Can't wait for these guys to cure so I can paint them!

I hope the construction glue will cure well to give me nice drainage channels at the bottom. I was not so luck one one side of the planter, where the weight of the last block squished my construction adhesive flat!

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varsha said...

these are cement blocks so you did some heavy lifting as well !!

Agnija Bharathi said...

Yup! Most of my gardening work also doubles as work outs! But in this case, I think I may have done something to my little finger. We'll find out...

varsha said...

ooho !! what happened ?