Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Black Cat

Writers' island prompt on superstition.

The Black Cat

Silky soft and inking death
on folds of a witch's skirt.
Harbinger of evil,
yellow eyes flashing
premonition of doom.
Stop and turn back
When he crosses your path,
Lest you lose the gamble of life.

Black satin ribbons
criss-crossing the land
Harbinger of yellow
flashing eyes
roaring down, spelling death.
Stay off the black ribbons!
I lost my brother to it,
crossing the black ribbon.
He wasn't black,
they didn't stop.

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Isabel said...

great imagery

Agnija said...

@Isabel: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it.

varsha said...

"He wasn't black,
they didn't stop."
oooh ! What a stomach-churner of a poem.I want to hold your hands friend.

Agnija said...

@Varsha: Thanks! That cat died several years ago.

Anonymous said...

My driver told me in his village they believe they should never stop and actually kill a cat who crosses their path if they are driving! But I have also heard another superstition where they believe that a cat senses what is destined, and does not cause it. The second one at least spares the innocent animal's life.

Agnija said...

@IHM: Oh my! The first one is so shocking!