Sunday, 27 October 2013

A No-dig Garden

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Made this garden in just a few hours. I have been looking for things that are pretty to look at and that I can grow in the front yard where the deer and groundhogs and rabbits have free reign. I bought a few things that were considered deer resistant: yarrow and sages. They looked beautiful, until one day, I came back to see them chewed to a nub. Now I am not sure who ate them, but both GH and the deer were supposed to be uninterested in these. So finally it looked the only thing I can grow there are grasses. Thankfully, they seem to not touch them. So far.

So, here is my little island garden featuring Japanese bloodgrass that bought on ebay.

I laid out the 4 Japanese bloodgrass plants the way I wanted them and ended it with a fountain grass plant.

I laid out some cardboard packaging in the area as a base layer. I used old shipping boxes for this.

Then I threw in a lot of soil which I bought in bags. Although, if I were feeling up for more hard labor, I would have ordered some from a garden center and then shoveled them in place. Although in the end, I did not have enough soil and I decided to use the mulch I had had delivered a year ago and which had mostly become soil, with very fat and well fed looking earthworms growing in them.

Placed the plants where they needed to go.

And voila my garden was ready! Felt like an HGTV star!

And to see these Japanese bloodgrass in awesome sunlight! Aaah! Makes everything worthwhile:

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