Monday, 19 August 2013

The Third Cinder Block Raised Garden

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This garden has been a loooong time in the works. Right under one of the windows in my home was this huge ugly yew or was it canadian hemlock? Not sure. But it was wrong for the spot, needed constant pruning (which I hate to do) and just had nothing interesting to offer, year after year, season after season.

One fine day, it met its end under the chain saw.

I toyed with various plans for that spot while the spot started to grow weeds and look like this.

Not pretty. Still, not very threatening. A few years passed and it started to look a lot worse. Crazy weeds, crazy grasses, everything. So finally this past weekend, I decided to start work on this. One of the big hurdles was the root of the old yew (or canadian hemlock? Either way, it was mostly eww...). It was getting in the way of my cinder blocks.

I finally got my reciprocating saw and cut the root out and started to lay the first course.

If you look at the right hand top corner of the pic (inside the cinder block perimeter) you can see the remnants of that root. And similarly the left bottom corner of the photo has another portion of that same root.

It's a long way from being done. But at least, it has begun!

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