Friday, 16 August 2013

The Accidental Veggie Patch

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Behind the lilacs, in a small square patch of sun in the garden, I had meant to make another flower garden. I wanted to add some roses (since its inside the fenced area and the groundhogs don't seem to care for roses) and some delphinium and anything else that the groundhog will leave alone. So, sometime last year, I decided to go the lasagna garden approach.

I added a lot of packaging cardboard right over the grass and then started to dump my compost on it. Sorta like what I did after Irene in the front yard (here is the link to that post). Then I dumped the rest of my years' worth of compost into it and topped it with another layer of cardboard.

I had to save a lot of my plants from the siding contractors last year, so I put many of them in pots and stuck the pots on top of the lasagna garden to weight it down and let them all compost in piece. I even added some loosely placed wood boards to border the area.

This is what happened this year!

You can see how the grass has grown over the borders and encroached into the "compost pit", which now is a veggie patch.

So what is this ginormous plant? Watermelon? Pumpkin? Zuchini? Cucumber?
I guess we will have to wait to find out.

If all of these flowers became fruit. I should have a pretty decent harvest!

This little guy is either a potato or a sweet potato.

 And who is this guy? One more in the melon/zucchini family I am sure. But which one??

I love the sweet potato/potato flower

And of course, the ever faithful tomato. I always get a few plants out of the compost bin every year. The rabbits wait until they ripen and then dig in!

So, now, the intended flower patch is going to become a veggie garden. All I have to do is edge it with some cinder blocks, add some more compost and dried leaves and next year start things from seed so that I can get more harvest out of it!

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