Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hot Temps and Red Hot Pokers

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When it is around 2 Million degrees outside, you really can't do any more gardening. Not much outdoor projects. All you want to do is sit inside some air conditioned building. But, these guys have been tempting me to go out anyway.

Lilium stargazers! The high point of my garden in July. With their divine fragrance and their happy faces, they just perk you right up, no matter how blue you are feeling.

So I brought some of these babies in:

They were borne on teeny, tiny plants. So removing the flowers will help the bulbs grow bigger and next year I will have more from them.

These are a special treat for me this year, because last year, the contractor we hired to re-do our siding, totally crushed most of these plants. I had to scramble to save the few that I did. I am glad this many of them actually made it.

Notice the white one on the far end? That was a surprise. Did not even know I had a white one! Did it mutate or something? Anyway, it smells divine and looks beautiful and that's good enough for me.

Meanwhile in the front garden, the red hot pokers (or torch lilies or kniphofias) are holding forth, looking like the current temperature map of US!

These are supposed to be deer proof. I think they are too. But the little one in the deer family that lives near my home, never got the memo. He/she gnawed out the first of these blooms. He/she not come back for seconds!

I think some baby deer in the vicinity got told off my Mommy dearest to never go eating every bright thing it sees! Heh! 

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