Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Old Tea Kettle Upcycled to Garden Water Feature

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So I had this old tea kettle lying around at home that I did not really like all that much. It had a rather uninspiring finish and was just-- blah. Anyway, it got fairly good use as a tea kettle, but once the handle started to rust, it became less used as a tea kettle and more of a temporary kitchen scrap holder.

Finally, I decided to give it new life and center stage in my garden.

Tada! Behold my tea kettle turned garden art. All it took was some copper spray paint from the local hardware store.

I hung it on a shepherds hook, so that when it rains, some water will fall through the spout making an interesting water feature.

The idea is for it to gather up some extra water during the rain and pour it at the feet of the ever-thirsty hosta.

The lid became a bird bath.

The stone in the centre should hopefully keep it from flying off in the wind and also provide a little perch for the thirsty flighty things!

Do you like my chocolate sunrise blooming gloriously just beyond the birdbath?

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GRE in Pimpri said...

Beautiful Use Of The Unused Things.
Yup I like Your Chocolate Sunrise...

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