Friday, 5 October 2012

October is here!

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The month of Navarathri (here was my last year's Navarathri write up and the golu) and Halloween is  here. Yet, my mojo is not! Whatever has happened, I wonder. But I did drum up some enthusiasm to at least glue the broken bommais ("dolls"/"sculptures") back together.

The husband bought me some "dolls" for golu this year to increase my repertoire, so to speak. But since the packaging wasn't quite up to par, some of these guys arrived broken! Boo hoo!

The karagatta kaaran came in two pieces -- but at least he was neatly severed.
(Click here to know more about the folk dance form called Karagattam. And here are some neat images of the dance)

Same thing happened with this guy carrying a pot (presumably one more of the karagattam entourage!) 

 But the lady with the pot on her head was not so lucky. She lost her head and the pot with it. Even with gluing she is not going to look whole. But, isn't that part of the charm of golu? Each "doll" carries the mark of its history.

 But what upset me most was this lovely (I believe Rajasthan made) brick breaker. He lost his thumb and his hammer and it is quite the challenge to stick that back! And some of his broken bricks are rolling loose and will need some way to stick them back.

I think even he is a bit saddened. Don't you think?

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