Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Reaper 2011 -- Will he ever get done?

Started him a while ago using Scott Stoll's ( balloon method to create skulls. Just completed claying him this weekend. If he dries by today (doubtful, considering the weather). I might even paint him and finish him.

Here are some on-the-way photos:

Started with a balloon

Added facial features with black chart paper (the same way as in the tutorials in the Stolloween page). Used a couple of heavy books and a cat to straighten the rolled up chart paper!

Then added some jaws as well.

Added a few layers of mache on the jaw and eye details. Added a "side horn" thing and some teeth. Unfortunately, no build pics of those. Clayed it all up and left it out to dry.

Of course, it would have to fall off the deck railing and break one of the side horns! I guess I will have to use gorilla glue on this one as a quick fix as there is really no time to fix it at the clay level.

Hanging upside down, drying. That's his "side tooth" thing on the floor, the one that broke off!
 Right side up. Missing the side thingy on the left.

 The thing that broke off!

The white teeth in the far side are damaged.

I left in the deck to catch what sun it could and went on my weekly grocery trip. Got back, let the dog out and in a completely unexpected move, Dufus made a nose dive for this guy, caught him by his damaged white teeth and foisted him into the air. I saved the head, but the white tooth on the far side is gone -- flaked out and broke off. That'll teach me to stay off air-dry clay for good. It may be easier to smooth out, but it does not seem to be strong at all!

More fixing to do! Sigh. Am I ever going to be done with this years' props?

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skwirl said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! Ain't that just the way life goes sometimes? But ya know, sometimes mishaps like these result in even better ideas and solutions to future problems! He looks AWESOME! And I just know you will find a way to make it even better than you first imagined because of the brutal attack! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!! Tooo funny!

Agnija Bharathi said...

Thanks for vote of confidence, Skwirl! I sure hope I can fix him! :) Meanwhile, I think I might sue my dog for mental anguish!! ;)

Koduvayur R. Parthasarathy said...

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