Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blair Went Grocery Shopping

Blair, the Witch, has been grocery shopping with a vengence. You see, she has been pouting all summer long because she did not get her much needed facial make over. The caretaker tried to appease her with new clothes, but she is not appeased. So she decided that she will not be photographed and that she will go indulge in some good old retail therapy.

So far, she has acquired new jars and potions for her kitchen. She has even got herself the Transylvanian Sand Slitherers (recommended by the Head of the House of Slytherin, no less!).

That was a bit of a splurge, but that didn't stop her from ordering the rare Phoenix Phlaxe. Something she plans to brew into her morning tea to go with the time reversal potion she has been working on for three years now. May be it will finally work and she wont have to wait for the caretaker's measly make over! Hrmph! Here are a few other things she has in her kitchen:

1. Huffle Puff -- a little green fluffy monster with an impossibly cheerful demeanor. Something for times when she is too down in the dumps to conjure up her patronus.

2. True Griffin Blood -- they say a little of it after dinner can really work wonders for your bravery and hence your confidence. She figures she is going to need a lot of that if she is going to have to face the crowd with her botched up face!

3. Ghost tears: This she simply collected from the resident ghost bride who has still not stopped crying for her lost love. Or is it for her lost life? Blair will never know, and probably never care. Ghost tears are useful anyway, and if she's getting it for free, why not, hey?!

4. Ghost and Pirate Sprite Trapper: This is not really a potion, its a device. She bought it this year and used it to trap a pirate sprite. But she did not completely read the instructions, and the pirate sprite tried to escape. The botched up capture, was unfortunately caught on film (or should we say pixels, these days?). Here is what the actual instruction said:
"Cork  immediately  for best results. Leaving in  sea water for too long may cause  the  pirate  sprite to attempt escape. Should this occur, bag immediately in gunny sack and twist cork counter clockwise. Spitting on the bottle is optional and has sometimes reported to deliver better results"
Oh well, now she knows!

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