Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bird Bath 2

All the deluge we have had in the month of August, coupled with the fact that we had been putting off fixing our gutters and downspout could lead only to one thing. And it did -- a watery basement. This forced us putter-off-er of things to actually get down and dirty and de-clutter the basement (well almost completely) and fix the gutters. Needless to say the de-cluttering part was not necessarily pretty stuff. But, in rummaging through the dusty, musty, cobwebby innards of the basement, I did find something interesting.
Aha! Another dish antenna
Naturally, I decided to put this to good use as well and build another dish antenna bird bath. But this one is a bit different from the previous one, in that it has no holes on the side. So, this will have to be fixed onto a rod or something of the kind.
Anyway, I decided to remove the arm of the dish antenna.

underside of the dish antenna

After the arm was removed

Now it's able to sit level -- almost level
I don't plan on just painting this and calling it quits. I am planning on sitting this on a log on the ground. Like this:
Log stand for the dish antenna

Sawing bits of the log off, or burying it unevenly should make the dish level with the horizontal. Only thing remaining is to make it heavy enough so it wont fly off in the wind. I am planning on mosaicking the dish to add weight and some interest.

A few years ago, during a bad thunderstorm, our Dufus broke my umbrella stand.  I patched it up several times and he broke it once more than several times. Finally, I put it out on the deck in the hopes of working on it someday. I think it's day is finally here. I will be using this broken umbrella stand as a source for the tiles.

Considering that it has managed to stand the outdoors for this many years, it should be ok to be used as tiles for my birdbath.

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Saru Singhal said...

You're very creative...

Agnija Bharathi said...

Thanks again, Saru.

varsha tiwary said...

Where are the pictures of the Finished Product??

Agnija Bharathi said...

Not yet done. Have only thought about it, so far.

Shail said...

Very creative! :)