Wednesday, 30 March 2011

VoIP in a Soup

My VoIP phone is very proud of all the service that it offers us. One of which is that it sends us a mail whenever we have a phone message. What's more, it actually, sends us the content of the message in an e-mail. So if we ever miss a call that we never wanted in the first place, we have no choice but to have it intrude on us during the work day. I have had all kinds of sales calls sent over to my inbox when I couldn't care less about it. The latest message totally takes the cake, though. Here it is, without any alterations:

"Hi Belinda this this Sunday. I just wanna let you a pause in Dale now and also on the event that you would good to just to know been, I mean I'm going to be sent without talking to Paul and also do now is the tried to Scott copy machine just leave it there and we we dialed parking weekend and that we don't try to open. Okay. Thank you. And soup. Bye"

I totally love the punch line, "And soup. Bye". Of course, now I understand everything!!! So much for voice-to-text!

Oh! And in case you were wondering, my name is not Belinda!

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varsha said...

and I thought that taking down meaningless messages was the sole province of my office stenos :).Anything men can do technology can do better!!

Agnija said...

Varsha: you bet! BTW, did you catch the finals? It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

This would have been prime subject for a longer funny blog. Wish you hadn't hurried with it.

You were very close to being in soup for not deciphering your VM :)

- Sunanda

Agnija said...

@Anonymous: True.. but I just thought the whole message was so ridiculously funny.

Anonymous said...

...and Soup in a snit, tee hee


shail said...

You had me doubled up with that! Sitting by myself here and laughing away. :D